World War II Veteran Experiences

Thank you so much Dr. Brams for the excellent presentation of your experiences during WWII. We felt like we were there with you, on the seas, serving our Navy.  We have attached your presentation below so all those not present will benefit from your experiences, and as a reminder to all what serving the country is like.


You may also press “F5” to start the slide show, after opening the file.

WWII Museum-New Orleans

A Big “Thank You” to all the Cadets and Seniors who traveled together to New Orleans, and a special Thank You to our drivers who drove the entire trip! Thank You Michele and Nathan, the “super” troopers! Our trip from Katy to New Orleans started without a bang, in-fact, we couldn’t start one of the vans.  Quick thinking by Jeff, one of our senior members, kept the delay to 30 minutes and we were quickly on our way.  An hour later traffic came to a stop and more quick thinking by our drivers got us back on the road.  We arrived at the VFW Hall around 2am, and were met by our Host.  A Big “Thank You” to our Host and the VFW Hall for receiving us so late and providing sleeping arrangements for everyone.  Saturday morning arrived a little early, but everyone was ready to get to the museum.  We had a great visit at the WWII museum and managed a transitory visit to Cafe Du Monte, Beignets anyone! The museum is large, on a 6 acre campus, with 5 pavilions, and each building had video presentations along with scrolling video boards and many artifacts. Tom Hanks hosted the “Beyond all Boundaries”, tour presentation which was a very large multi-screen video with animatronics in the foreground, including vibrating seats, sprinkled with snow, and an “in-your-face” light show. Afterwards we made some purchases at the WWII museum shop and then had a little rest and relaxation, (R & R), while eating lunch at the museum. Across the street from the Tom Hanks video, we spent time viewing two different areas of WWII artifacts, presented in a winding progressive format starting from the beginning of the war in Europe and progressing to the end of the war. The progressive presentation is a must-see, and has more information, artifacts and videos, than you can see in one day. Moving on to the Hangar became a cold and winding trip around barricades, through the wind and finally to our destination. There were many full size planes hanging from the ceiling, with a stair case winding up one side of the enormous hangar and platforms to get closer to the planes. The Cadets and Seniors had a great time in the hangar and we took some photos of the experience all along the way.  Saturday was completed by a home cooked gumbo, provided by our Host, and then by a little bit of R & R.  The Cadets pulled out some games and the Seniors got to relax a bit.  Finally, we spent the next morning packing, cleaning and getting on the road, stopped for a bit of breakfast and then hurried to the Cafe Du Monte.