Flying Program

Flying Program Overview

Orientation Flights – One of the biggest perks of Cadet membership is Orientation flights.  These flights are offered free of charge to Cadet members under 18 years of age.  Cadets are introduced DSCN2829into flying in one of CAP’s highly maintained aircraft with an experienced pilot.  Throughout a Cadet’s membership, they are offered five powered and five glider flights for no cost.  Read the CAP Orientation Flight Syllabus.

Flight Academies – Those members who are serious about getting pilot training can attend CAP’s Fight Academies to jump start their training and education.  Most members at glider academies make their solo flight at the end of the training.  Visit the Texas Wing Powered Flight Academy Website.

Formal Pilot Training – Cadet and Senior members can use CAP aircraft to work on building hours needed to complete a FAA rating.  Cadet members may use CAP aircraft to work on ratings and certificates including their Private Pilot certificate.  Senior members can working on adding ratings or certificates as long as they have completed their Private Pilot certificate already.  CAP members pay a reduced rate for use of CAP owned aircraft, that beats commercial FBO’s hands down.

CAP Flight Scholarships – CAP offers flight scholarships to help members attain a private pilot’s license.  Applicants who have completed their solo flight or graduated from an aerospace-related special activity are especially encouraged to apply.  There are no other special eligibility requirements for scholarships and these scholarships can be used for local flight training at an FBO, training on CAP aircraft with a CAP instructor or at a flight academy.  Both cadets and senior members are eligible for scholarships.

Apply in accordance with the directions on the  application procedures page.

O-Flights 2015 Video

San Antonio O-Flight Video

Check out our recent GA-8 and Glider O-Flights in San Antonio.

ORDER OF DAEDALIANS – Maj Gen Lucas V Beau Flight Scholarships – The Order of Daedalians, a national fraternity of military pilots, awards five $2,100 flight scholarships in the name of former CAP National Commander Maj Gen Lucas V Beau to help deserving CAP cadets earn their FAA private pilot’s license (the scholarship may not be used to obtain additional ratings).  Applicants who have earned their solo badge or graduated from an aerospace-related special activity are especially encouraged to apply.

Special Eligibility Requirements 1.  Be a current CAP cadet and aspiring military aviator; 2.  Be at least 16, but not have turned 19, on 1 June; 3.  Possess vision 20/50 or better (corrected to 20/20);

HQ CAP screens and rank-orders the applications. The Daedalians make the final selection and announce their decision in May. Scholarships are paid by reimbursing flight training expenses incurred between 1 June  and 15 May.  All applicants will automatically be considered for a CAP General Aviation Flight Scholarship.

SPAATZ ASSOCIATION – Aerospace Leadership Scholarships – The Spaatz Association annually sponsors scholarships to help CAP cadets advance their flight training from solo to private pilot.  A limited amount of the scholarship may also be used to attend a CAP leadership activity.

Special Eligibility Requirements 1.  Be a current CAP cadet who has earned the Mitchell Award; 2.  Have earned solo wings in a powered aircraft; 3.  Maintain a 3.0 GPA (normalized); 4.  Have not been selected for a similar scholarship or grant.

For application procedures and deadlines, visit

While the CAP NHQ helps publicize this scholarship, it is funded by The Spaatz Association, which selects the scholarship recipients. Apply directly to The Spaatz Association and not to the CAP NHQ.